The Estacada skate park is under construction and is projected to be finished spring 2012. I was back in Estacada during the holidays so I stopped by wade creek park and took a few photos (images posted below) Its very exciting to see a skate park being built in my home town! Back in high school the closest thing to a skate park was the boxes and rails we built in shop class. We are even fortunate enough to have the park being built by the skate masterminds from Dreamland Skate parks Ilusive is trying to get involved with the parks and rec board to help promote the skate parks grand opening.

The proposed skate park will cover 10,000 square feet and include an advanced bowl and many “street skate” features, promising to provide something for all skill levels. Storm water planters, and other landscaping will be integrated into the design to detain storm water runoff and beautify the area. for more info on the Estacada skate park visit this link